Life is like a bowl of Cherries
2002-07-25 03:13:20 (UTC)

No means no.

Ugh, I really really thought this one was different.
Tonight I had a guy friend over. And before tonight he
totally had me fooled. You always hear that all guys are
after the same thing, and they all just want sex, or sexual
activity. I don't believe that.. but tonight, this guy was
totally the epitamy of that. All night he kept trying to
make moves on me and kiss me and touch me and I'm not that
kind of girl. I'm not all into that. I felt so
disrespected. Why would he think he had a right to do
that? I feel so stupid right now. Like, I feel like I said
NO so many times tonight, and I'm glad I said no, and there
are more things I wish I would have said no to, or sooner.
UGh, I feel like he kept trying the same things.. I should
only have to say no once. No means no. You stupid jerk. I
am so upset right now. I don't need someone to make out
with! I'm not like that! I liked him, but it was like, he
was a totally different guy tonight. I'm so mad, NO GIRL
deserves to be treated like that. I feel so stupid for
having that much faith in this guy. ... you live you learn
i guess.. never again.