the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-07-04 21:59:47 (UTC)

umm yeah i worte this !



Tomorrow- by McCall

After tomorrow
I'll be gone
and you'll be left here crying like a newborn child
after tomorrow
alone will take a new meaning
and the sun will not shine as much
after tomorrow
you'll realize
how much you really love me
after tomorrow
you'll see why i left
and i will wipe away my tears
and clame today as just another bad day
after tomorrow is today
you'll be dead
and i'll be long gone
after tomorrow......
okay yeah so i know u probably think it suxs but oh well ya
know i try :)
you know i really am tired of this crap like I feel totally
unwanted .. I mean i must have some kinda mental thing .. i
mean iam not ugly i am really kinda cute .. i just can not
get over the fact that i am not like the other girls .. i
mean i don't weigh 90 pounds and flip my hair and climb all
over boys or sleep with them at the drop of a hat! I mean
its like god has cursed me for wanting to have morals .. i
well likehere is what i did today i took my soon to be
truck out with my Aunt and okay we were going to the mall
and can u believe we ran outta gas i mean we coasted on
empty for a while .. for real .. like we could not find a
gas station and then i went to go and put gas in the truck
and she is trying to yell at me through the door and i am
about to flip on her for real I mean i could not take it !
I was seriously heated and then she runs off and i tell her
not to tell my mom b/c i don't wanna hear crap from my mom
about not filling up and then what does she do .. goes off
and tells everyone ! I am way mad i mean i can not trust
her .. i now know that the one adult i thought i could ,i
could not .. opps i was wrong ! I mean crap .. I can not
trust anyone anymore .. minus Manda and Darcy but like
guys and stuff nope .. we are excluding people from
arkansas and Maryland and upper texas i am referring to
close people
! it really suxs and the kids are killing me they are miss
behaving wanting everything and taking over the house like
it is theirs I amm all "WTF!"
and here is another thing .. my aunt has not lifted a
fingure to attempt to help do anything like clean up her
messes or watch her kids but no she is wanting to tell me
and Dad how to clean and decorate our house ! I hate
ignorent people !
see here is a prime example like the don't knock they just
come in .. i mean for all they know i cold be doing " girl
things" like masterbating ( just something to through out
and see if you are listening ) or getting dressed .. like
this morning .. i did not have practice and IBD if Jordan
did not come into my room and wake me up outta a deep
sleep .. to ask me why i was not up .. well for everyone
that knows me .. I DON'T SLEEP WELL AT ALL !SO WHEN I DO
SLEEP LEAVE ME ALONE ! How rude right ! it made me sooo
mad and they think they are running the show .. GRRRRRRRRR!
* i wanna talk to jeff or manda *
ne ways i am outta here .. leave me a message if you
want .. lates