My Life & My Memories
2002-07-25 01:54:05 (UTC)


It is so damn freaking IRRITATING!!!! Why does he dominate
everyone so much. Whatever he thinks is right HAS to be
right. EVen if I am right in my argument, I AM WRONG AND HE
IS RIGHT! BULL SHIT! Can't he just stop dominating once
life? I wonder how she has spent her 21 years with him.
DAMN! I am so angry. I just wish I had something to throw
and break..!! Unfortunately I am staying at someones place
to break something..!! UGGHHH..!!

Everything has changed since the day we came in this
blessed country. I dont like it here. I want to go back. I
want to LIVE on my own. I dont want someone bossing around
me. I am old enough to handle things on my own. Only is he
had thought about US and not only HIS EGO, things would
have been really different. We all would have been happy.
Oh well, never mind. I am just too angry to say anything
more..!! I will leave it at this!

Does anyone every read this crap that I write??? I wonder
or else I would have recd one reply..!!