In the World of Jefficus
2001-07-04 21:41:41 (UTC)

Music SUCKS!!!

This morning I watched the MuchMoreMusic bio on the year
2000, and I must say, MUSIC SUCKS! I mean, look at who we
have dominating the music industry: a bunch of lame not-so-
nsync dumbasses who can't dance, nor hit the proper notes;
the lip-syncing sugar pop princess of selling out to pepsi,
Britney Spears, and let's not forget everyone's
favourite "I can't believe they're still around" group, the
backstreet boys! I mean, look at them! LOOK AT THEM! NONE
OF THEM ARE ATTRACTIVE! They all look like puberty has
FINALLY ran by them, only it brutally raped them in the
process. Nick is FAT PEOPLE! Brian looks like a rhino.
Kevin looks like a child molester. AJ is just... ewww.
And Howey D! HOWEY D! It should be "HOW DID HE" come up
with the greasy perve look? I mean, did it take effort or
did he just roll out of bed one day and decide it was a
great look.

Not that I'm against pop music entirely. I love Destiny's
Child and even some Christina songs. But at least
Destiny's Child has TALENT and they write their own music.
Plus, their music has a purpose and a meaning. And while
Christina isn't a goddess in my books, fuck, at least she
can hold a tune.

The problem is that people will take whatever the music
industry tells them is good and they'll believe it because
we're all a bunch of un-individualistic sheep. Even some
stupid-pop would be ok if it was balanced. But the radio
stations and music video channels are all selling out to
the industry like they're pre-puberty little girls too. It
takes away from quality music. It's funny: bands with
talent and good music can't get radio play, but lame-asses
who can't even sing without computer editing and who can't
even play their own music get all the glory. It's unfair
and it's SAD.

In closing I'll list some actual TALENTED bands and hope
that if anyone reads this, they'll at least try to hear
something by them. Maybe you'll love em, maybe you won't.
Either way, make your own decisions and realise there is
more music out there than the mainstream.

1) Tool
2) Destiny's Child
3) Drain STH (a now-broken up Swedish chick-rock band.
They're awesome! You might be able to sample some of their
music if you're lucky enough to find a good mp3 place on
the net nowadays)
4) Garbage
5) Rage Against the Machine (talk about music with a

As always, feedback welcome!

~over and out!