all my meghan....
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2002-07-25 01:11:17 (UTC)

Choir Camp and up to date

I went to camp expecting nothing in particular, a lil
guilt fell over me when i realized it was one of the best
places on earth. i didn' t know that i could ever sing that
much , nor that i would find that special someone in which
i could care so much about...
After an arrival home and went to a funeral and had
to return to my lovely place on employment as if that
wasn't bad enough, i had to swim at 6 o'clock in the
morning. I have realized after the whole cc experience i
have learned to stay outta things and learned to value
things b/c soon enough they will disapear.
As i count down the days to my surgery i begin to
wonder why i have a fear growing inside. I can't believe in
about another week i'll be back under the light and scapel
for the second time in 6 months, maybe this time i won't
wake up early, maybe this time it won't hurt, and maybe
this time someone will be there when i come out of it.
In the mean time i have joined the boy scouts(for
bowling,)i have fell more times then hiroshima and i have
acquired a love for steve. Not to mention the lock in we
had friday, piling on top of the love sleep, lana and i's
sleep a thon, or walk away the pounds at 4 o'clock in the
morning. People dropping by randomly and taking over my
house and worst of all "getting caught." Getting stopped by
the cops and james getting himself outta it... Paying the
river rat to ride off the ramp into the detroit river on
his bike and many more memories...

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