The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2001-07-04 21:23:07 (UTC)


What a cruddy 4th of july.

I only got to talk to tricia for half an hour. I found out
I took the 12th off for nothing pretty much. Yeah I have no
way of getting to the air port to see tricia. Damn.

Today has been so bad. Surrounded by little kids. Its so
annoying they can't agree on anything. Im suppose to be at
some boring ass party but i decided to come type to all of
you people. Today really sucks. I dont even wanna listen
to all the little kids anymore.

God I hate this place I cant wait to graduate. At 10
theirs gonna be fire works. Maybe thatll be cool. 4th of
july has lost its fun. I use to love when i was little but
now its just another day.

I wish I coulda spent it with tricia that would have been
so cool. Oh well. I cant. Stupid distance sucks. Should
i be all happy and patriotic and I love my country. Heh
who cares about that. Its a great country and all but i
would rather have tricia at the moment.

I should go back outside and "mingle". All Im really doing
is playing crstyalis cause I have noone to hang with. Its
grey and cold and its not that great. Last year it was
fun. I spent it with will. I cant remember how many years
ago it was either 1 or 2 but the 4th rawked that year. We
spent it with will. We went to watch the fire works and we
picked up steve mark so he could watch them. And everytime
a fire went off this cars alarm would "chirp chirp". And
we just cracked up. When the fire works were over we
dropped steve off and went back to wills house and played
with his snes super scope till like 3 in the morning. It
was so much fun.

Well laters people going back to the "party"

Happy 4th of july to anyone who cares.

Love you so much and you dont deserve the crap you get

8 more days mary.

Will sorry you had to work.

Every one else rawk on.