Thoughts from the Bench
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2001-07-04 21:17:32 (UTC)

Second Theatre Tune

I have thought for quite some time about writing a book
about my 20 years of experience as a church musician. I
have also wanted to give a more permanent form to some of
my thoughts about music, religion, and the arts and society
in general. Those who have been subscribers of various "e-
lists" -- most notably the Anglican Music List -- will have
encountered some of these thoughts before. It is my hope
that this journal will allow me to develop these ideas more
completely without the inevitable backlash from those with
a point of view radically different than my own.

It is also my hope that those of you who find this little memoir
and who choose to return to it will not hesitate to
contact the author if you detect a like mind. Any journey
is more pleasant when shared, and nothing is more valuable than
friendship nutured through the dialogues of heart and intellect.

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