Living in my Moments
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2001-07-04 21:15:34 (UTC)

Turning Love into Friendship

For the past three months, I have been trying to repair
what was once a deep relationship. I started going out with
Sean June 15, 2000. We had just graduated eigth grade and
were at the movies when he asked me. I was thrilled. Of
course, I said yes. We had been friends for months before
he asked me. We started doing more teenage "sexual" things
together after 4 months of dating. At 6 months we had sex
for the first time. Me, just wanting to get it over with
and him, just really horny and wanted to also. We had sex 2
more times after that and becasue we went a little too
fast, I got bored with what I saw in him. I started to get
really angry and in a bad mood whenever he was around. And
I always felt like I wanted to make him feel bad or hurt
him in one way or another. This may sound selfish on so
many levels, but I couldn't help it. Now, I look back at
those days and I cry at the thought of how much I hurt him
and how horrible I feel. We broke up one day before our
nine month anniversary (March 14) and we didn't talk for
all of 2 months or so. When I tried to talk to him on the
phone, I'd just get annoyed or upset by his smart remarks
which at one time, used to make me laugh! We are now the
friends we used to be in the beginning but because we've
grown so much closer over the months of dating and the
experience we've learned from eachother, we've grown to be
closer friends and can talk about almost anyhting.
Repairing a relationship into friendship can be hard and
stressful but one way or another, it always seems to work
out. I love you, Sean!