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2001-07-04 20:54:40 (UTC)

Dear God ...

Dear God,

You know how joyful I am now and how thankful I am the day
You sent him to my life.

I write today to You, not because I don't believe that
prophets do still exist, nor I don't want You to have Your
way in me. I just hope that what I hear today, is just a
test and it will strengthen my faith in You and my love for
him. Please, God, don't let take this joy now and don't let
my believe be shaky.

But if You do not plan this happens in our life and You
have made a better plan for us, please God, do it in a
gentle way. And if we're meant to each other, according to
Your plan, please deaf my ears from whatever that person
would tell me tomorrow about my life mate so there will be
no more hesitation and I can take my step to my future with
him strongly.


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