No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-07-25 00:00:26 (UTC)

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it’s so hard to see you
now that we’re apart(it’s been so hard)
there was a place i once knew
so innicent and warm(in your arms)
now that it’s over, i’ve been trying to forget
because hanging on will only get me down
well, it;s not that easy,and no one say’s it is
i know that this will all make sense in the end
driving home late at night
trying to justify that this was a mistake
well, maybe i’ll see you
when time has healed my heart(from this spark)
waiting for some light to shine through
so i can see the stars(it’s so dark)
knowing the chances, and how it won’t happen
i still pretend it could
well, i set it free and if it comes back to me
either way i’ll know that this was good
still i hope that in time
we will grow alike
and can give this one more try