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life of a porn star
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2001-07-04 19:59:49 (UTC)

infinite moments and trashy novels

well two nights ago i decided to go to the beach after
dinner. i sat in the sand and listened to some music as the
sun set. the sky turned orange, pink, then purple. as it
got even darker the water became and irridecent colored
blue and the full moon sparkled in it. i was listening to
dmb, then train, and then lifehouse. and just as i thought
that things could not get any better, fireworks startedd
going off across the bay. it was so cool and i felt so
alive for the first time in a long while.
also i was reading this trashy romance novel last
week about this indian and a archeologist. it was so cheesy
but it made me lonley for a guy so ugh. but the point is i
decided to write a tasteful novel as soon as i expiriace
somethonggood enough to write about. wish me luck-peace out