2001-07-04 19:55:06 (UTC)

youre just an empty cage girl..

..if you kill the bird...-tori

im not happy today. its not one of the worst days but im
really not happy. its the fourth. 2 years ago i was
unhappy. for the same reason. my mom drives me crazy.
doesnt she realize im the only person that gives a shit
about her? and she has to be a bitch. i understand theres
so much shit going on but its NOT my fucking fault. and
she infuriates me so much. its all fucking image for her
and she can be such a bitch i just want to get away. and
then she bitches that im never home. well. when im home,
shes not, or shes just like online or at the fucking pool
when i feel like doing anything she doesnt want to. but
when im sad or in a bad mood its like she KNOWS and fucking
bothers me to no end to hang out with her. and saying i look
scraggly??? and trying to make me look better for people.. i love her
so much i just wish we could be closer and she could be stronger and
not YELL AT ME...

well today was okay.. i just want to be myself..

i didnt talk to caroline today. i hung out with matt and that wasnt
fun.. like dawn called and told me to call matts cell phone, and
when i did he picks up and says "i didnt call you." whatever.. and
he didnt say anything to me when we were chilling... but..
whatever.. "if theres anything in your life not bringing you
happiness you have to get rid of it" i think shes good for me. shes
so strong and confident and i think she can help me be stronger...
i'm guna go cus dawns here.. i'm guna try to have some fun =)

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