Thoughts from Blue Angel
2001-07-04 19:49:07 (UTC)

Happy 4th!

I love America. I really do. It's sad how much we all
take our freedom for granted. I went to see Pearl Harbor
not long ago. Man, that's an eye-opener. We hear so much
about how we should, "respect our veterans more and
appreciate those who gave their lives for our country," but
does it ever really sink in? If you want to really
appreciate what they went through, go to see the movie!
It's SO powerful... and not because of the fictional
romance story (even though seeing Ben Afleck is ALWAYS a
powerful experience).

I cried when the battle scene started and just never
stopped. I can't imagine living to tell about the things
that happened there. Watching it touched me so much...
There were so many killed. It especially breaks my heart
to think of all the men who got trapped underneath the
ships as they sunk- watching the water rise around them
slowly, hearing the men above them trying to drill through,
knowing that they'd never get there in time. What a
horrible way to die. Yet there were men still hopping in
planes and manning their guns. I don't know about you, but
I would be running.

Pearl Harbor was only one incident. Now think about all
the battles we've fought for our independence, and all of
the men who died fighting those battles. They did it for
us, and so that America could stay free. That is mind-
blowing to me, and I do appreciate it. No amount of
plaques or medals or thank you's could ever come close to
repaying America's soldiers.

I truly am proud to be an American, and anyone who wants to
put my country down is disrespecting me personally. Do we
have problems? Yes- big ones, in fact. But I still love
this nation and I always will.

So, tonight, as you are watching the fireworks go off,
think of the "fireworks" that those American men and women
had to face in order for you to be able to enjoy those
pretty colors. And know that if there is a heaven, they
are smiling down on us and still watching out for America.

Happy Independence Day!

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