I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-07-24 23:12:30 (UTC)


I was told last night that I was the epitome of what he
didn't want in a relationship. Now, I love him to pieces,
and understand what he means. I am not insulted at all, so
don't get your panties in a wad.

But it got me thinking. I -am- the epitome of what I don't
want in a relationship. I mean, I'm 22, still in school,
living at home and an all around mess. I don't think I'd
want to date me. Or have a relationship with me either.

So, I guess that nobody should date me. Because I'm not at
a place in my life that anybody else understands or wants
to be in with me. It's just one of those lonely roads that
I don't even want to go down, but it would be hell for someone to go
on it with me, and for me to ask them too. That wouldn't be
fair...so I guess I'm going it alone.

This isn't meant to say that I don't want a relationship, because I
do, very much so. But it's to say that I understand why someone
wouldn't want one with me.

I'll always love him. It would be so easy...........