Nicky's World
2002-07-24 22:05:23 (UTC)

tommorow, tommorow.......

tommorow, tommorow i'll be sixteen tommorow it's only one
day---------- a-------- way----! lol

my birthday is tommorow i'm excited can't you tell^. i'm
supposed to be having a little "get together" at mendy's
house. mendy invited like 10 people to come but i don't
think that half of them will come. but just as long as i
have fun that's all that matters.

blast is fri. we have to leave at 8 in the morning. eek.
i'm excited and nervous both. but i think everything will
turn out well. it's all in God's plans. i still need to
work on my speech. but i'm thinking about not even writing
one just going up there and telling people why they should
vote for me, but i don't know.

well i'm fixing to go to church.