Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-07-24 21:49:53 (UTC)

Random banter

not much happned the ay. My brother is ot jail fur some
reason despite being a damned torul amker. stupid cunt
making troubl for me an my ad. bastard morn. people
talking to me now. Was bored so I got alcaheol in my, very
nice. lost senses aged ago. cane be fucked with stuff.
crap tele on the now. drink and bored dont mix.
sstupiddrink, so bord.

was meant to meet wit ruth but other people form uni want to
meet. they used my drnken state to confues me into goin with
them. theyre far away. want me to play footbal, not like
footnall much. drunken confusion. Like ruth more but oing
with thm. an stuff. wah, confused.

I hate lbohol, it make sme happy for a while but then I get dpressed
n hate me. Frieds too good for me], not fair. they deserve better.

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