hello kitty cat
2002-07-24 21:24:23 (UTC)

you gave it all away

I really am starting to question a lot of decisions as far
as friends..I really do believe in the whole if someone is
your TRUE friend they will stick by you no matter what, but
if a friend isn't willing to stick by you through your
roughest times in your life, they'd rather just stay out of
your business because it's easier in the long run for
them....and you considered them a true friend...It's a huge
let down I guess. There was really no point to me writing
this except for the fact that I guess I've been pretending
for a long time about my friends. I don't think anyone
really even realizes my situation. These people talk and
talk about how terrible their lives are's so silly.
They really have no idea how the real world is, I'm still
trying to get a firm hold and I'm light years ahead of what
they think to be the real world..what the fuck have I done
to myself to be put in this situation. I give up.