Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-07-24 20:49:05 (UTC)

grilled cheese sammiches

Last night, I have a craving since about 6pm for a grilled
cheese sandwich with a bit of roast beef, some dijon, a
little bit of mozza and chedder with monteray jack, with
some onions and green peppers... I am broke, and I am
as it happens out with friends at the cafe... sigh...

Later instead of going home, I go to Krickets and watch
DONNY DARKO, amazing movie... Kricket has a grilled cheese
maker, and I stand up and go, "can I make one?" she says
she's out of cheese... DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!! Argh...
But her boi friend gives me some ice cream instead...
Ah well...

I get home around 2am, and I think, hey, I could make
one now.. nope, mom wakes up and yells at me for
waking her up... shit... so I have a peice of bread with
some butter... I hate butter...

This morning I get up at nine, do my appointment thing
and then go back to bed... I get up at ten, talk to my friend
for 20 mins and go back to bed... I wake up at 12:27 and
realize I have 32 minutes to get dressed and at my next
appointment for the day...

I am starved, I need somthing, my mom bought fresh
rye bread, and all I think about is, mmm, bread... But
I don't have time, I will my appointment if I don't leave
in 10 minutes, shit... So I eat nothing...

I finally get home at around 3:15, and realize hey, I can
make a grilled cheese, then I think to myself, I need to
get laundry done, now, I put off doing it yesterday, and
the day before, so now I really need to do it... So, I go
and do my laundry... A friend phones me, when I get back
into the apt, she wants to know if i am going to the cafe
of course I am, what else would I do?

3:32, I finally walk into the kitchen and start to make my
grilled cheese sandwich, Inky and Maus, both start to mew
and claw at me, I WANT MY CAT FOOD they scream to me...

Sigh, so I feed them... other phones rings, FUCK OFF!!!
I don't answer it... it rings again, I still don't answer it.
4 more rings and it goes to the answering machine. It's
my mom, I sigh, look down and I am just about to pick
up the phone, when I go, to hell with that....

And I make my grilled cheese...

Damn, am I a happy little boi....