Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-07-24 19:40:18 (UTC)

yumm mexicanz

uhh today is wednesday. yesterday i went over and chilled
at diana'z. den he father whuz buggin' so we up and left.
we came over to my house and we chilled and shit. she
stayed over here cuz she didnt wanna go home. her poppiez
is like come home. shez like iight. and never went home.
and she still here, sittin' next to me. uhh today. we got
up hella early. and got ready and shit. den we walked like
da 100,000 milez to hector'z. we chilled over der. for
awhile and had fun. his siter didnt like me. she called me
a bitch and a hoe. i whuz insulted. oh well. her and diana
got along tho. who knoz. i guess i aint too
loveable..tearz. haha. anywayz ooooo hector is a dark
skinned mexican. yummy. wut more can i say. hmm hella fine
mexicanz. yumm. anywayz im done wit dat story. uhh for da
record. i hate erin. and i truly am pissed. i really right
now could care less if i ever talked to her again. skip her
no loss! fuck it, fuck her. who givez. hmm my quote for da
day is "mexicanz are too yummmy"!