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2002-07-24 19:39:32 (UTC)

Blind and Broken

i had the craziest day ever! ugh.. I can't see! grr..
let me explain. okay. today i went to get my drivers
permit finally, right? (on the way there my step mom got a
speeding ticket.. i was like "tell him where you're
going!") and so i got there.. and i didnt even get to
take the written test cause i failed the eyeball test!!
like, it has three colums in this light thing.. and i could
only see the numbers on the right two columns..
i didnt even see anything there.. and then she was like
close your right eye.. and i couldnt even tell they were
numbers.. just blurrs ... and shes like.. "go see an
eyeball doctor".. so i go to the armory cause we're on my
pops active duty insurance
and they are like.. "you cant use this clinic, youll have
to go to fort knox".. and we're all.. "we are NOT going to
fort knox".. and eventually she asked what i was there for
then said i could go to any eyeball i made a
4:45 appointment for an eyeball doctor.. and went to pizza
hut.. at the eyeball exam, -- well see, i can see fine out
of my right eye, and with both eyes open.. i can see so
cleary.. perfect. but like.. when they asked me to read the
letters with my left eye only.. the very top big E was the
only one i could really make out ..... and so he was
like "read it with your right eye" and i did and they he
said "read it with you left eye" and i did.. but i was
like "look, guy, ill be honest, i just remembered it from
the first time".. ahh integrity.. .so anyways.. in the end
he was like "You have astigmatism on your left eyeball,
both inside and out" and im sending you to an eyeball
specialist because im scared you might have ::enter a big
word i cant remember:: and then he dialated my pupils.. i
don't know if youve ever had that done.. lol.. but it was
so weird. i couldnt see anything.. everything was so
blurry.. and i couldnt stop laughing cause i kept bumping
into things. SO, i have to go get a special kind of
contact or glasses or something for my left eyeball cause
its frickin broken . OH YEAH.. so my right eye is 20/20 and
my left is 20/400... yeah 20/400 ... and their are
differnt levels of astigmatisms that he was talking about..
and the norm is level 6.. and the lower the better.. mine
is a 23... ugh. NOT A GOOD DAY! im all like weird and self
conscious and sensitive about it now. And i have to wait
until i get back from canada to go to the eyeball
specicalist and then i have to wait for glasses to come in
and so itll be like february before i can get my license.
GRRRRRR.. not a happy liz.

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