De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-07-04 17:56:00 (UTC)

Approaching D-day H-hour

The night before. Not surprisingly, a sleepless one. Night
before driving test, first exam paper,..., another in the
collection of sleepless nights

Well, I'm pretty much packed-up for the trip, all's well so
far except for the tiny sucky fact that there's a flu
epidemic in NZ now : ( So, just maybe, I'll have to get a
flu vaccine jab tomorrow just before the flight. Just find
injecting stuff into the body distasteful, but what to do?

My family has been really supportive of the trip and I
guess I'll never really get to filling up the forms if I
don't have their re-assurance. So I'm goin to make sure
it'll be a learning and eventful trip. Thanks to my friends
as well, for all the experiences and lessons they have
given me so far.

Well, it may be sometime before I get to update the journal
again. Hopefully I can get my laptop up and working with
the connection there ASAP.

Till then, take care everyone, see you again very soon!

PS I've updated the photo album with some teaser pics. Go take a
look! Hope you can enjoy the views as I do at the same time : )