Livin' Large....or...not.
2001-07-04 17:54:58 (UTC)

It's a holiday...and of course, I'm working.

However, I should be done in time to go to a friend's BBQ,
and of course, catch fireworks later. Naturally, I'll have
to listen to Mike and Pat bitch about how crappy the
fireworks are here. Hey guys, feel free to go back to
Philadelphia. Otherwise, shut up and enjoy yourselves.
I'm just glad I don't have to shoot the fireworks.

Speaking of working, this is pretty cool: My friend Kelly
turned me on to the idea of getting into sales at a
magazine where another of our mutual friends works. It
sounds like the job isn't too difficult and she makes great
money. Because she's the sales manager, she also gets to
travel. I'd love to get in on that part, too, if I could!!
And who knows, if the advertising or marketing departments
there need photos, I'd be glad to do that as well. It could
be pretty fun, and I could start cranking in the money to
buy a house or condo, and help out my sister. And, I could
even think about buying a new car -- yeah!!! And then once
I have some financial security, my horizons could really
open up. I can pursue some other meaningful career options
without being terrified of how to pay the rent, I could do
some decent traveling, I could start some side projects in
photography. I could even re-educate myself if needed.
Sweet!! I'm going to call this woman, Nikki, tomorrow. I
hope that with the soft economy they haven't laid people
off. But if they have, I might be able to get on in a few
months if things start to pick up again.

Cha-ching!! Oh, and even if this magazine isn't hiring, the
idea is sound. I could hit up Velo News, or other sports
mags that I like.