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2002-07-24 19:07:13 (UTC)

a lot is different now

Hey, well since my last entry, Jacob and I are not together
and I am now with Kris. Prom did not go so well and I am
not speaking with Jacob anymore. He just didn't turn out to be like
I expected. He is actually really strange, and all those feelings I
had for him, I realize were feelings I just told him I had, for fear
he would friggin kill himself if I didn't. The day I took Jake to
the airport I went right over to Kris's house and we have
been together ever since. May 19 so its now been like 2
months and 5 days.....I really am not good at remembering
to write in my diary. I am going to alot more though. I
need a place to vent my thoughts. Kris is so sweet to me and I just
love being near him. Kris and I are in love. I think I scared him
last night though, we were making love and I said I could do this
forever. Ooops, I know not to say stuff like that to guys cause they
panic, so I am just gonna act like I never said anything.
It is an amazing relationship we have. He means so much to
me and I hope that we are together for a long time. We
always talk about our future together so that is a good
start. I can't wait to get to school august 23. I am so
excited about spending so much time away from home and
being with Kris. He is gone for the rest of the week in
Jersey for a race. I hope he does well. I am gonna go
now, my german exchange student, manuela is here. we are
gonna try and find something to do.