My life
2002-07-24 19:04:10 (UTC)

.:My Summer:.

ok my summer has been pretty good, have you ever had one of
those dreams where you think its all real? like your
convinced that all of it is happening? I had one of those
last night..i dont knwo where i was all i know is that
brant was there and we were together and i was so happy.
Well the phone rang and i woke up and thats the point when
reality hits and you know that none of it happened. IT
SUCKS!! Well i dont know whats going on with Brant. he told
me that he trys to like me and he wants to fall in love
with me. uh he needs to learn that you cant just fall in
love with sum1. You have to give them a chance first. then
you fall in love with them. I told him that and he didnt
respond are say anything to me. god i want to be wit him so
bad. Alex and Will had sex. Shes lucky, she got to do it
with the person she loves first. Her parents are out of
town and shes coming to stay with me until sunday and she
wants to go to her house on friday and have Will and Brant
to stay the night..It wont happen. and if it did who knows
what will happen. I wish that he would give me a chance. OK
before i die these are things i want to accomplish.
_1_Marry the Man i love
_2_Become a nurse
_3_Have two kids, a girl named Imagine Marie Downing and a
be napend Landun Austin Downing
_4_Get a Tattoo
_5_Never lose touch with Marissa

I highly doubt any of that is going to happen but hey I can
dream right? Well on Sunday (july 21) i went to Matts
house because it was his birthday and when me and marissa
got there it was me matt marissa and brant and then seth
came then sean got up. and they started drinking. Well this
guy Joey called and Matt and Seth went to Joeys house to
get sum bud. So it was me sean brant and marissa. I went
into seans room where brant was bc i got sick of waiting
for matt to hurry up and come back (he was gone for an
hour) and brant was like "no your not leaving" and told me
to lay down with him and like he went up my shirt, not a
big deal and he kept trying to finger me but right when he
was about to marissa would walk in. IT MADE ME SO MAD!!!
and I havent talked to him since then. Me and Danny are in
a fight, i was tired and i told him to call me tomorrow
(this was last night)and he was like I cant im grounded and
i asked why and he said it was bc i put him on hold and it
was passed 11 and he waited for me to get on the phone. um
thats bullshit, i no he isnt grounded bc how would he be
back on the phone? and i was like right danny right right
and hewas like wutever casey i really dotn care what u
think so i said fine bye and hung up and took the fone of
the hook so he couldnt call me back. he gets on my nerves
so bad sumtimes. 2 weeks till school starts. TWO!!! i dont
want to go back to school. Everything is going to be so
different. i dont know i hate change. well I gg

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