Send me a Little Angel
2002-07-24 19:00:41 (UTC)

Life sucks

Damn Journal,
You have no clue how much life sucks. The guy I like is
giving me the cold shoulder and the one that loves me is
sending me love letters to the point I feel like I want to
get back with him and I want to get with this guy named
TIMMY. And I am just so FUCKING ugly!
I don't know what to do! I mean gosh, I like Timmy buyt
hes my best buds X-bf and he is like my new best bud. I
wish I had a little angel to come and help me or just teach
me what to do! It totally bites to the point I want to just
go to hong kong and live with my best friend Hannia. Oh
well I have two years let at home with my BIZNITCH mother.
And A ASS HOLE brother, and a absent father that is
constantly working. I wish I could just leave or move in
with my uncle. My uncle is the best guy around hes really
cool but hes a real snitch. He told my mom that I called
him like two days ago and my mom told me that I had to call
him on my own time and now I am soooo grounded from the
pone, ficking bites.

Please please send a Little ANGEL!
~your so ugly hated friend,
~Sarah Ann Marie