lock 59

2002-07-24 18:31:12 (UTC)

The Importance of being Earnest

Last night I went to the movies with Steve. We saw "the
importance of being Earnest"
It was very funny ! The main reason i just has to see it
was that Colin Firth was in it. I'm a huge fan, I've seen
all the movies that he played in.
Steve and I had originally planned to go and see "About
a boy", but it stopped playing last week. Huge dummer
!!! We really wanted to see that.I guess we will have to
rent it from the video store.
After the movie Steve came back here- and we chatted
for about 2 hours. I was like OMG !!!! holy shit !!! I was
so tired, and so was he- he had been surfing all day.
But we just kept talking... I told him some things that i
just haven't told anyone but lloyd, and he shared some
of his life too !
I'm glad i met him, Living with Fran has been the best
thing ever ! actually Steve met fran, because he called
about the room I'm renting- but i was already here.
Anyways, I emailed DJ- but I've had no response..
which is strange. He usually writes back the same day.
I guess he is getting to busy for me now- he has all his
new friends, and Brett. o-well .. I guess it's all for the
best ! fate- right ?
i feel weird ! i dunno why ? It's like there is something
about to happen, or is happening right now ! but
nothing has happen. I guess i just feel uneasy right
now, just don't know why. hmmmmmm i wonder !
I talked to Bek aswell last night. Josh is such a moron !
He loves her, but he isn't doing a good job of making
her feel good about herself. so there is no way she is
going to fall in love with him, she can't even stand being
friends with him. HE is such an idiot !
I think thats the update on everything. I have to work
today- i slept in until 11 am today..ooopphs ! and i had
things to do this morning.