Life's A Stage
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2002-07-24 17:54:44 (UTC)

Drama between Friends

Okay. Well, my best friend is dating a guy from my school.
She's obsessing over him every minute of the day, so i've
decided to limit my best friend intake until the whole
thing blows over. To add to the confusion, her
boyfriend has a crush on me...not to mention most of the
guys at my school have one too.. (its a small and private academy)
And i get a kick out of the boyfriend pissing himself over
his gurlfriend or his gurl-friend.

Gurls who have hated me last year, are suddenly calling me and such.
The same ones who spread a rumor that i was faking an injury after i
tore my knees from a heavy dance schedule. (i'm a's a
long story.)Now they wanna get together with me, hang out, be bitchy
to OTHER if i'm worthy enough to be one of them. But hey,
I'd rather me the nice one in their group than the nice one that they
talk about...

My parents decided to move me out of the place where i have lived
most of my life in America (i'm actually Ukrainian) and move half an
hour away into a city with no place to go, whatsoever. Weird thing
is, i like it here. Although my friends from my old, public high
school don't even remember me. I have to call them, and most people
don't even know where i moved to. Now i'm stuck in renovation hell.
Last nite, i burned my thigh with a heat gun, trashed my knuckles by
ripping linoleu from the floors, and punctured my fingers while
trying to remove carpetting.

My cat likes to sit rite in front of the compi screen, so i can't
even tell if i'm making spelling mistakes. Wow, this is a pretty
exciting summer isn't it?