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2002-07-24 16:42:41 (UTC)

Lucille's Party

This morning I made a batch of blueberry muffins and a pie
from fresh peaches. In the afternoon John and I went to
Corvallis. We went to the library so I could pick up my
reserve books. I was surprised at how crowded the library
was--finding a parking space was difficult. The entire town
seem a bit more crowded than usual but I don't know why that
would be so.

We also went to the bank and put $210 dollars in Jack's
account for his 21st birthday and went to Hollywood Video to
use our 99 cent each DVD rentals. We rented six of them
which ought to keep the guys in movies for a while. They're
not due back until Sunday.

Then it was time for Lucille's Party. She'd invited a dozen
friends and while I only knew one or two when I arrived, by
the end of the four hours I made several new friends. These
are all funny, intelligent women. We talked about husbands,
thongs, shoes, gardening, dogs, menopause, wine,
travel, jewelery, Halloween, children and grandchildren,
relationships with mothers and mothers-in-law, and more.
Among us were a retired teacher, an engineer and a nurse.
Lucille had many treats for us--fresh fruit, nuts, cookies,
wine, iced tea and coffee, and of course, cake and ice
cream. The party ended at eleven. We had a wonderful time.