The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-07-24 16:25:12 (UTC)


Time to wake up
Wheres your daughter
Hurts to break up
She was stronger
All my friends say
Please dont love her
What did I gain
Now I miss her so.

The story of my life through feburary 11th grade to end of
senior year. Why didnt I listen. Cause I guess I was
happy. Now some of them are rubbing it in that I didnt.
Oh well. Nothing can change the past. I have to change my
attitude now or Im gonna end up in the dump. I have to let
go of something that is no longer mine. Hmmmmm. How to do
this. How does one let go of something that meant the
world to them. I would like to know. Damn feelings. Why
do we have them. At least when Im sleeping when Im
dreaming I dont feel any pain. People wonder why I sleep
so much these days. Because their is no feeling in sleep.
Only unconciousness. Its when you fucking wake up that the
feeling comes back. Lately its been a numb to the world
fuck up I hate everything kind of feeling. Which I hide
behind a happy smiling wise cracking face. Yeah wonder how
long that can last. *sigh* I have college registration
today. Maybe I can meet a nice girl at college. *HOPE HOPE*
Oh yeah I forgot I'm a nice guy I never get what I want.
The way it works is I ask nice girl out nice girl likes
someone else. Aka the asshole. Asshole breaks nice girls
heart, nice girl comes crying to nice guy. Aka me. Says
she was foolish to go out with asshole wants to go out with
me. Ok. Two days later asshole comes and "apologizes"
breaks her heart again only this time nice guy wont take
her cause he doesnt wanna get hurt again. Woo fucking hoo.
Lets have a party for all the nice guys that are always
rebound for the assholes. Fucking stupid girls. Fucking
stupid love. Fucking life. Who needs it. Apparently I do
or I wouldnt be sitting her bitching to no one about.

Gotta love And my ex-boyfriend cant forget about him line.
Yeah I really wish you would forget about him.

Anyways Im gonna go be bitter in my room with my
playstation symbolizing the loss of everything i once was.
Yes I sold out I bought another obsolete system. Oh no.
Well its my damn hard earned money and Ill spend it on
whatever the fuck I want to.