2002-07-24 14:57:50 (UTC)


well yesterday was fun. I went to the beach club again and
chilled with my friends. w went bugy borading (witch i
don't like)cuz im a surfer and surfings more fun. then
after we went borading we went to the movies. it was my
idea. and we watched Minarity Report which was GREAT. i
wanted anthony to come but he couldn't :(. well i miss a
lot of people like Angelo which is so cute, Ricky that I
haven't seen 4 eva, and my dogs which i still miss. wow im
really bored in an hour im going to tape Harry Potter again
4 my friend and some movie call the last castle which i
never heard of. well today is another day i mean another
boreing day. wa a fucked up day it's going to be. i don't
know wa to do. i was supposed to call my friend to hang
out. but he goe to summer skool and i have to wait till 1.

Well have a fucking boring day people