Dirty Fractyl
2002-07-24 06:19:40 (UTC)

simple derived use

I recently diagnosed the method of determining the product
of large digit numbers. In essence, a simple formula is

This is:

Round number, n, to nearest round number, N
Multiply difference of N - n = P and multiply this
number,P, by n & subtract if you rounded up; add if you
rounded down.
For numbers, n1 and n2, these processes must be a
combinative effect on the rounded new number, N. It is a
situation of opposing forces in that sense.

What I realized tonight, is that this method of number
adaptation can be used for square roots and all other
multiplicative operations that I am able to perform using a
calculator. The result is phenomenal. I can now calculate
huge digit multiplication, find squares, square roots,
third roots...and so on...only by following rules I taught
myself somehow.