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2002-07-24 05:53:25 (UTC)

vomit with a side of chunks please sir

i'm so fucking sick of him. he's making it a point to
ridicule me and drive me insane. i am really starting to
fucking hate him now. he invited me to a chat on aim with
like a total of 7 ppl. he knows most of em....and i am so
sick right now. i am seconds away from crying and throwing
up on everything. i had no idea a stupid guy could make me
feel like this. it all has me knawing on the cord for the
headphones, my hands are trembling,i am gunna bawl, and my
stomach is twisting and turning nad knotting and it's got
me so sick, and i want to claw at something really hard
weather it be my face or a chair. just....argh....I DON'T
as if him calling me the other night and making me feel
like shit for having sex with mollie's (not at that current
time) boyfriend and making me feel like shit for being me.
his name consists of a j.

on the positive side, sarah now knows i'm bi and what do
you know, she is too. and i'm not pregnant. so i should be
happy about that and not spew on the computer.

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