Ode to a psycho!HA!
2002-07-24 04:52:45 (UTC)

to travel

In my life I've done alot of traveling. more than most people
I believe. I've been to Daytona, a number of times, I've been
to Orlando countless times, I've been to Tampa and
Tallahassee more than once. I've been to Charlotte and
Charleston in the Carolinas. I've been to Reading, and
Philidelphia Pennsylvania. I've been to Nashville Tennessee
I've been to NYC and New Jersey. Buffalo NY and Niagra, and
several places in canada including toronto. I've been to
washington DC. I've driven through Georgia, north and South
Carolinas, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tenessee,
Pannsylvanis, Maryland, and New York State. And I've also
stayed in hotels, or been in airports in probably everyone of
those places. I think that's a great deal accomplished by a
16 year old. And yet there's so much I haven't seen yet. I
don't know if wanting to see more of the world makes me
selfish, or if my hunger for new places is good. I don't
know, but I do know that I won't be cooped up here much
longer. And as soon as I can stretch my legs I plan to start
running. And I don't ever plan to stop until I've reaches the
top of whatever ladder life hands me. My wealthy uncle up
north has a house in Nantucket, where we are planning to
vacation in the fall. When I am established I plan to have a
house in nantucket also. and a nice car and a 500 000 dollar
home. It WILL happen. mark my words. Many of my friends
intend to settle for what they can see in front of them. I
don't ever plan to settle for things below my standards. I
set high standards, and hard goals so I can push myself to
the limits. I believe if one sets high standards one will
work to meet those standards, and if one doesn't then they
obviously didn't want what they were working for half as much
as they thought they did. =)