dismal life
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2002-07-24 04:45:23 (UTC)

long time..

It's been a while since I last wrote in here...

I've been too fucking lazy to write...

I'm in California visiting my father. I thought everything
would go nicely up her but I got sick. I think it's because
of Mike...He wrote me beautiful letters but I still think
he has it for someone else...Not me. I must have the worst
luck in the world..I love him so much and all he does is
dissapoint me...

I got a job out here in Cali...I make 7.75 an hr for doing
jack shit...I didn't go to work today though...I'm sick..

Someone write to me to make me feel better...

Thanks to [email protected] don't know who u are but you
brightened up my lousy day...I