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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-09 03:14:19 (UTC)

*Shanen* s finally..

*Shanen*'s finally happened, Andrew is getting pressured to
move out, I've been awaiting this day since, since forever
practically. But now I feel sorta weird, and really guilty.
I might have wanted the extra bedroom, but now that I think
about it, is it really worth losing a brother? B/c if by
chance he does move out in the next year or so, and he
doesn't have anywhere to go, then he will move to
England, 'cause he's a citizen there too(his father is
British). So I probably wouldn't see him for a very long

Today at practice Brittany was going over every single name
she wanted for her kids, and kept saying the name Brittany
Griffin over and over again(the guy she likes is Jim
Griffin). She chose some interesting names tho...Maggie?
And some ugly boy name I don't remember.
I personally like the name Ryan Scott but I wasn't about to
tell her that 'cause she'd let it go to her head that I
liked the name Scott(her last name)...she's like that...the
official Barbie doll of the bball team. Besides...the name
Brandon Michael is better. Ooh and my all time favorite(so
far) Kayla Michelle(for a girl of course)! Kayla is my
toddler cousin(i think she;s my 3rd cousin). I liked Alyssa
Brynn too, but i dunno....

Ahh how'd I end up talkng about names?? LoL...gettin a lil
offtrack there, but I guess that's what a diary is for, to
just write what comes to mind at the moment. Ahhh do any of
you have those friends that online, and even in person,
just keep saying LOL??? Ugh, I'm talking to one of them
right now, it gets pretty irritating. (Luvable2o1 is me)
LiLSuGrAnGL821: oooo okkk, lol i c
LuvAble2O1: uh huh....
LiLSuGrAnGL821: lol hehe, i juss jammed my finger
LuvAble2O1: that sux
LuvAble2O1: i'm listening to some old song
LiLSuGrAnGL821: which 11???
LuvAble2O1: itz over now
LuvAble2O1: now im listenin 2 mgb
LiLSuGrAnGL821: lol which song were u listenin to
LuvAble2O1: an old one
LiLSuGrAnGL821: ooooooo
LuvAble2O1: uh huh
LuvAble2O1: soo....
LiLSuGrAnGL821: soo wassup?!?
LiLSuGrAnGL821: hehe
LuvAble2O1: bored
LiLSuGrAnGL821: lol, awww, i gotta call in "SOME1"
in like 15 mins
LiLSuGrAnGL821: lol
LuvAble2O1: oo
LiLSuGrAnGL821: hehhe...LOL

(can you see how irritating that can get???)
Once me and Matt kept saying 'lol' every other word to her,
and she didn't even seem to notice...

Hmm....midterms coming up, AND I hafta pick my courses for
next year. Lab chem. and french 3 definately, oh and and
geomatry as well. But now I've gotta decide if I really
want to burden myself with AP American History and English
Honors, I could....and I would be challenging myself in my
two better subjects and get better credits for
college...but then again, is that going to be too much
work? Someone with AP classes write back n lemme know how
hard it is.

Not the best day, but not too bad, saw Matt a lil longer
than usual, was very happy about that.....Matt, I love you.


PS~I'm with matt on....WE NEED FEEDBACK! talk to us, we
need something to keep us from being bored.

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