Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2002-07-24 04:30:20 (UTC)

Dropped a Size

I was posting a message on a weight loss board to someone
earlier today who said she had lost two dress sizes. I was
telling her all about how my clothes got looser last
summer, but I didn't actually drop a size. And then it hit
me. I have dropped a size. The size 14 Abercrombies were
gigantic on me. So were all the size 14 jeans and pants I
tried on at the mall last week. It just had never sunk in
that I lost a dress size! Woo-Hoo!

Weigh-in day is tomorrow. I've been cheating and getting
on the scale every morning, so I am pretty sure that I'm
going to weigh 168 or 169 in the morning. YAY!

I've got a wisdom tooth trying to cut and the glands on the
left side of my neck are starting to get sore. It hurts
like hell to chew and swallow, so I have to force myself to
eat. It's miserable, but it's sure good for my diet! I
may be forced to juice fast tomorrow, because it's getting
progressively harder to open my mouth enough to take bites.