Lenore the fool

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2002-07-24 03:51:13 (UTC)

Fuck Fuck Fuck

Shit i think i may have dinged my friends dad's truck's
bumper of fuck. I i mean I wasn't sure if i had enough
clearence then was like oh i'm being paranoid fucking A! I
can't be sure tho i mean my car was fine and i wasn't moving
fast and it seems as if it just brushed it...I'm sure it'll
be fine...and john didn't even look back So i think it'll be
cool. Fuck it's my karma for taking people for rides when
i'm not supposed to. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I really hope
i didn't hurt that car fixing that sit is expensive. And my
insurence!!! fuck fuck fuck. Okay I think I'm freaking up
for no reason. It'll be fine... shit...