My Life's Thoughts
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2002-07-24 03:15:40 (UTC)

today is july 23 one day sice my last entery

I once thought that my life was different and that i
had a duty to the earth,that i now know is different,but my
experiance tought me something about myself......i need
some religion in my life. I was raised mormon and that is
all i know,i'v experimented with some other religions but
that is the one that always stuck with me. Today the
missionaries came over and left me with a book of mormom
and challanged me to read it. You know i tried to once or
twice i never got very far and i know that i could learn
somthing from it. All i need to do now is actually read it
and find out if that is what i'm supposed to do. I found
out that the things i needed to do was just live and let it
be and let god take care of it and if i deserve to go to
heavan and maybe i just might get there if i belive in him
and is that enough. I don't know the answer to that but i
think that god knows the answer to that and if so he will
let me know in his own way,maybe the missionaries comming
over was the sign i needed. I'm not sure but i think if i
pray then maybe i can come up with the answer i'm looking
for,who knows but it could not hurt. The only thing that i
don't get is if god was so involved then why is he not
now.I think god as a man who has all his things together
and is all knowing. He knows the desions that i made and am
going to make. He leads us all to the destinies that he has
for all of us.