Life of Joolz
2001-07-04 08:29:57 (UTC)

Wednesday 4th July 2001

Morning-strange carry on with my comp yesterday AND THIS
MORNING. Took me 30 mins to get connected and hours yest.
Seems to freeze when verifying username and password.
Apparently Freeserve are changing numbers, so I have
printed new ones out-will clart on with that later.

Quiet at moment as workmen aint arrived-cloudy humid day
again but slightly cooler thank God. Am not excited at all
about going away tonight-too much to do. Aint packed or

Spent couple of hours in garden last night-hard work,
picking up pieces of rubble by hand and flakes of paint-
bits of tiles the lot. Anyway, it's smashing now and all
that's left is scaffolding and wood lats on lawn. I swept
up for blinkin ages last night and my back was aching-worth
the effort though-it took the two of us about 2 hours in
all. Roofers should finish this aft. Painter hasn't.
Put kitchen border up and filled some uneven surfaces
around window-that took me until 11.30pm, then went to bed
but couldn't sleep for ages, too many things going around
in my head.
Vanessa sent me a text-is boiling in London too. Giving her
my coffee table as we don't use it anymore-don't need one
there all time. Takes up too much space.
Hardly eaten much last few days, too bloody busy too eat!
Will make up for it next few days, especially with
Smorgasbord breakfasts on board ship! Scran as much as ya
like! Feel like I've lost a bit of weight too-better watch
it. No wonder with all strenuous activities over last few
weeks-never worked as hard since last Friday-at least 10
hours each day.

Mum rang last night to wish me a good time a happy birthday-
said Dez had been working 11 hrs that day due to too much

Bloody roofer's doing the drain and has just told me I
can't run any water coz it's getting concreted over. And
another thing and all!!! He's getting paid today but wanted
paying for painter too, who aint finished the effing job
yet! Bolox to that-will have surprise tonight as I am NOT
paying for painter when house is in a state of undercoat.
What do they think I am??? Also painter has not turned up
today. Why? Lazy git.

13.45 Painter's here and sun's out-not a cloud in sky-very busy, have
packed, had curry, and gonna get ready to go-wash hair etc. taxi's
coming at 5.30pm.
Two small windows what never used to open do now!! Roofer sorted
that out and painter's doing eaves now and glosswork on back of
house. Flakes of paint all inside house but not too bad.
Am very hot and bothered and annoyed re lack of privacy round here re
workmen-they're in and out all day long. Sick of it.

4.45pm-roofers finished, paid them, cleared up-what a rush-all ready
except for me hair drying, mad mad rush it's been so toodlepip till
Saturday when I'm back from Norway-hello fjords and Bergen, am gerrin
in t'mood now for some chill out time/booze/fun/food/entertainment.
Hasta luego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And if I can't be good, I'll be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bye for now!! (Eth-if ya read this before I'm back, hope ya had brill
time in Espana)