2001-07-04 08:07:35 (UTC)

My first entry

Well, I don't have very much to say this first time, just
want to say *hi* to u all and tell u a little bit about who
I am.

I am a single mother in my fourties, have two sons living
with me for the moment, the oldest one is moving out this
summer. I have a dog to keep me company, and to tell me if
there are anyone trying to get into my house unnoticed.

Work is just like I have allways wanted it, I am my own
boss and enjoy my work very much. I work with people and
get to meet different kind of people all the time.

As u may notice my homelanguage is not english, but I
wanted this diary to be in english so that I could freshen
it up a little. It is easy to forget a language if u don't
speak it regular. Pleace send me feedback on how I am doing

This will be all for now. I have much to do before I give
my father a surprise party this Saturday on his 80th
birthday. I have invited 40 guests, of which 36 is coming,
not bad is it ?

Have a very nice day and hope u have just as lovely summer
as it is here.