Scarlet's Life
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2001-01-09 03:08:25 (UTC)

Hey, I kow it s been awhile..

Hey, I kow it's been awhile since I wrote anything.. but
this weekend I spent with an old friend who I havn't seen
in like a few months.. I LOVED it out there.. I mean I love
hanging out with all of them.. I feel relaxed aroud them..
where as here. in my own house I feel sooo tied up.. I
don't know. I talked to her Oldest bro more then anyone..
b/c he picked me up and droped me off and then I went with
him to drop off his lil girl at his house and then come
back to his dad's house... I had fun. Although I got
caought Fri. with a cig by my Vice Principal. so I get 2
days in OCS. my mom and my dod really don't care to much...
so I see notta wrong in it.. it was just for the fact that
I was on school jurisdiction.. soo... but anywayz..
besides that and all scholl is pretty cool.. I hate my 7th
period class.. it's tooooooo quiet in there.. all my other
classes are somewhat loud. and talktive.. but oh well..
There is this hot guy in that class soo I'm not worried..
it will get talktive when everyone gets to know eachother a
lil better.. I mean some people know only one or two other
people in there at the most.... but Ben got moved AGAIN..
and in 3 weeks. he's goin to b moved again... sooo... I
guess I'll shut up and go to sleep and try to get at least
a lil better. I'm STILLLL sick.. it's not about a week and
a half.. UGH!!!!!!