lil devil
2002-07-24 01:37:46 (UTC)


well i just got back with ivan yestarday dont kow if
ishould have but i am going to give it a try i mean i want
to be with him but i just dotn know if i should for some
odd reason well summer school is going good i guess i just
wish t was over now but ashley starts tomorrow which is
pretty cool. well i have been trying to get a hold of angie
to talk to her i tsill cant believe what she did to me she
isnt living at home n e more i think she is living with
bullit which i dont think is a good idea but what can i say.
well i saw alec today he is going back out with savanna
which i dont like either because of the way she treats him.
rick isout of town for a few more days so katy will more
then likly be hanging out more with like janel and jenny. i
hate the way jenny always talks about being fat its really
starting to bug me. i am going to see if mom will let
jennifer stay the nigt on saturday hopefully mom will let
her. i kinda miss night school i miss hanging out with
every one. i am really tired. i hung out with alec and
jenny today and ivan came over for a lil bit but thats
about all tht happened besides purple sticky punch(as ivan
would say)witch was prettycool cause i havnt done that in a
long time but any ways i am so happy i got to hng out with
shannon on thursday i miss her so much. janel stayed the
night on friday ad saturday we went shopping on saturday
and got new clothes i miss janel too well running out of
things t write talk more later

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