Rebeccas Diary
2001-07-04 07:10:29 (UTC)


omg today was the cooled day i was wrong, ryan wasnt
there (his brother was :-( ) BUT jonah was there, and
guess what, hes only 20!!! and hes adorable! but i
dunno.. hes kinda a stoner i think, and alot older, but
hes really nice, i dont think i can go back there for a
while so i dont look like a stalker and outwear my
welcome, ya gotta keep them guessing ya know. but im
gunna go and see him at the jeans sale. know what i
thought was really weird, hes from oregon but he
ended up here, how does that happen? weird. well
today i went to third of july firworks, they were really
cool. i gota my belly button ring repaced to, its not as
fancy but its cute and wont cause me to require
surgery. well hats all for now! Ciao and *kiss kiss*