No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-07-24 01:05:56 (UTC)

this months asshole list

my mother, Julie Hill, Monica Slocum, Keri and all her lil
friends (including her brother and Owen), Alex Ruebensaal,
all ppl that drive 25/40 or 35/55, and
[email protected] whoever that may be:

(feedback one my diary from [email protected])
you are pathetic.
crying and whining as if your whole fucking world is going
to hell, but christ.
You have air in your lungs, food in your stomach.
of course, thats advice and you don't seem to want any :)

(my reply)
I just wanted to let you know that you are a fucking
asshole with no compassion and little intelligence. You
dont know me so dont presume to know more then me. If I
wanted your advice I would have asked for it but I could
really care less what you think about or have to say to me.
So fuck off and, of course, have a nice day.

*shrug* do i really care? wait! no!

disclaimer: please do not take offense to this and im me
bitching like a lil baby. this is my opinion and i am
entitled to it. if u do not know y u are included and would
like to be cival about it, IM me email me or leave a msg
here. i would be glad to clear through the fog of ur
stupidity for u and explain what im sure u already know.
have a nice day!