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2002-07-24 00:46:07 (UTC)


spend almost 4 hours talking to lloyd.
He said this:

lord_bithian: It's hard to have one of my two good
friends so far away. I go in there and I see you in the
aisle where Rebbeca sat on the shelve or in your lap; I
see you ordering the books, or showing me paintings,
or shelving books. I see you outside in that rusty, old
car of yours, I see you laughing and talking with me or
pounding me in the arm for my bad jokes at your
expense. I smell your fragrance, I sense your presence,
I hear your voice and your laughter. It's too much
sometimes. Then, I just miss you or regret fills my
mind of not having spent more time with you or
introducing myself sooner.

We met at Reed Memorial library in Ravenna. Where i
used to work. LLoyd took 2 years to ask me out.
We used to sit and chat while i was working.. and in my
breaks he would give me a back rub... we were always
play fighting. I remember having fun when he was
around.Once or twice when i was cold- he gave me his
jacket... and one day in the stacks of my library.. he
asked if he could kiss me, i said yes.. it was a little
strange- no one ever asked before.. they just did it.
i used to wear a perfume, I have no idea what it was
called... but i loved it- someone else bought it for
me,and there was no lable on the bottle. That is what
lloyd remembers of me... I must have smelt pretty goodI
almost cried when i read the above... I think he loves
me... although love doesn't belive in love.. well
I'm going to go to a movie with steve tonight. hopefully i
will have fun !

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