2001-07-04 06:44:59 (UTC)

Do I really like her?

Well, i'm been talking to the girl for the last few days
While i'm still not sure how i feel about her, it seems
like my friend was really working his ass off to get with
She's telling me about how hard he tried and all the stuff
he did, and oddly enough, i just can't seem to muster up
the effort to even try and do anything for her..
Maybe its just my relationship style or something,
but i don't know if i'm really into her and it just doesn't
seem like a worth while effort right now.
How does one really go about comparing himself to all the
stuff his friend did for her?
It seems like she's using it as a measuring stick to see
what i'll do for her, but i'm not into playing games, i
jump thru hoops for no one!
If you have to talk about him so much, why do you bother
gettin with me?

As much as my entries all seem to be rants and raves, i'm
actually a very happy person. I guess its just cool to
have somewhere to vent instead of talkin to your frenz all
the time, cuz they just don't get it.