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2002-07-23 23:51:05 (UTC)

Rainy Dayz

Ok my parents are bitching and it's raining and as usual
there is nothing to do. Whenever i say my opinionto my
parents they always bitch at me. i jus got back from
swimming and it was freaky becuase evoryone was scared they
would be struck by lightning because we were inna
pool...yea... and anyway it would be cool, lol. it was
puring but it slowed dowen and so now i'm working on a
scrapbook for my siwm coach because i only swin for that
particular team in the summer and it's almost over. So i'm
making a scrapbook with pictures of all swimmers on the
team this summer and she can look at them and shit. so i
did the cover but i cant do the pictures and shit becuase
the pictures havent been piked up yet from cvs. i keep
asking my mom but becuase i was stating my opinion earlier
it pissed her off and now she wont do anything, she wont
let me walk over there, it's only a couple blocks away. ive
done it a bunch of times but 4 some reasone she won let me
now. I think my dad will drive me becuase he knowes it's
importiant, i have to finnish it before swim team is over
so i think my dod will drive me after dinner.

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