nobody cares
2002-07-23 22:29:40 (UTC)

well lately my life seems to be..

well lately my life seems to be going steady in the hell
hole and this is why...
my parents think that im a troubled teen and dont give me
any freedom but i guess thats mainly my own stupidity that
put them over the edge but lately because my brother broke
his arm he seems to be getting sooooo much attention but
hey i guess he is kinda cripple with his broken arm but
they could atleast spend some time with me u know
it seems like he gets anything he wants and wut do i
get .....nothing!!! and when i ask for anyting they always
seem to yell at me
i might seem jelous but hey they should cut me some slack
because i have to practically take care of my brother all
then welljason wont talk to me and i really want to talk to
him but i guess im not good enough for him. and jon i think
is just using me and im getting treated like crap
some of my friends just start fights with me out of the
blue and it scares me because right now i cant afford to
lose any friends because of all the abuse i have to go
then there the fact that nobody never calls me anymore
except my friend bessy and she works all day so i cant do
anything with her and especailly because i have to live
with the fact that i have to take the bus and the last bus
comes at 6 so have my day is not used and nobody wants
company during the summer which sucks

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