You think you know...
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2002-07-23 21:18:26 (UTC)

Tuesday July 23, 2002

Its been a day or two since I wrote so Ill fill yah in
whats happened..

I started the senior camp yesterday. Its pretty hard, but i
think im doin okay! Ive learned so much since I moved to
dancin feet from chod. i have it from 10-3:15 and it
seriously takes all my energy!

Last night I went to the mall with Ashley and Carli! It was
cool hanging out with them since I havent seen them since
school got out! We ate at Chili-our waiter was stupid so we
only gave him a 25 cent tip! haha ooo and a peso! lol!
we're mean! then we were gonna go see a movie but we
decided to leave. we drove around with car's friend and
then went to sonic where we saw smell good guy (brooks) and
then went to ash's. it was pretty fun but i was REALLY

Wow-this is really cool! Today we got a check in the mail
for 10,000 dollars that we inherited from my great grandpa!
that was a good suprise! maybe now we can buy me those $150
tap shoes im supposed to get but havent told my mom about

erin and mer went to the britney spears concert together
last night! im not mad at all, it just seems like im pretty
much always the third wheel in our friendship and that
makes me feel like shit! im left out alot..:( but o well!
ill get over it!