No Matter How Hard I Try...
2001-07-04 05:06:47 (UTC)

jessica daniel and nick is the whole Jessica sinario. i spelled that
wrong but oh well!

she is "in love" with this guy daniel. i think he likes her
more than she likes him. ok...she;s 14 he's 17!! it will
never work. he parents mist approve of it...if she really
liked him he would have met her parents alreay. i really
dont think they will work. i didnt think nick and alisha
would either and they didnt! she thinks i'm worng and
she'll try to prove me wrong and when she falls on her face
i will want to say "i told you so!" but i bet she's
reading this and getting really pissed off but oh well! my
life is too fucking awful righ now to really care! i care
but ahhhh!!!! you get it!

everyone thinks i like nick!!! what is up with that? maybe
i do...maybe i dont. i dont even really know...but ahhhh! yeah!